Preston Straight



I am a full stack web developer with a love for adventure. When I am not coding, you will find me outside riding my bike or jumping out of planes. I have a passion for learning and will always deliver more than expected.



After graduating from the University of Colorado, I relocated to Shanghai, China to teach English, Math and Science. I have a love for traveling and international culture. Since returning to the US in 2014, I have been diligently diving into the world of coding.

Responsive Design

Experienced in jQuery, Backbone, and Javascript, I excel at adding responsive features on the front-end client side of applications. I also have experience in transitioning apps from Rails to Node/front-end heavy applications.

Back-End Functionality

Back-End database management is my strongest suit, as I believe it provides the backbone for everything, and to manipulate databases to find the best possible outcome for the application at hand.


Get Out and Play

Get Out and Play

I have always loved the outdoors, but sometimes it is hard to get a group of friends together to participate in an activity. Using Get out and Play, users are now able to arrange activities like beach trips, soccer games, picnics, dog park outings and see if other users are interested in joining. It’s a great way to get outside, make new friends, and explore.

Languages: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap framework, Devise Gem, Backbone.js

Giphy Stumble

Giphy Stumble

When I was younger, I appreciated looking through At General Assembly, I enjoyed looking at GIFs. For this app, I decided to bring both sites together creating a new way to view and save GIFs. Giphy Stumble is fun and can be quite addicting.

Languages: Ruby on Rails, Giphy API, Foundation framework, Devise Gem

Signs of Change

Signs of Change: USA Today Interactive

My group teamed up with USA Today to create an interactive dialog for kids to learn how to cope with cyber bullying and for parents to discover exactly what cyber bullying is and how they can help their children.

Languages: Ruby on Rails, custom CSS styling, USA Today API, PostgreSQL

Money Matters

Money Matters

My first project was a simple command line ruby app. The guidelines for the app was to make a personal finance manager. Using some ruby gems, I was able to make an intuitive app to track multiple accounts and transactions from the command line.

Languages: Ruby, PostgreSQL, TablePrint Gem